Friday 9 January 2015

Top Tips for Starting the Year

We all start the New Year with good intentions but it's often hard to stick to them, I hate depriving myself of anything because it always makes me crave it more and therefore I cave in. So I suggest everything in moderation. To lose weight cut down the intake of food or cut out a meal, but be sensible. Here are are some things I do:

Every morning I start with a generous swig out of the bottle... sharp intake of breath... I think you're meant to mix a teaspoon with water but I'm hardcore! This drink is a general all-round good-guy! It lifts sluggishness better than an espresso before the gym (and obviously healthier), it promotes weight loss and digestion. I mean, don't expect to lose a stone by just a swig a day but it does help eliminate unwanted toxins in your body.

I incorporate this easy mobile app into my daily routine (if I'm not mad enough to attend a mental session at Barry's Bootcamp). I find it really works after a run or if you prefer a vigorous power walk. Running and this app costs nothing, so no excuses give it a go. I promise short bursts of hard exercise really does work, you just need the motivation, once you're in the routine it's easy(ish)!

I do Bielers green soup (see recipe here) also I thoroughly recommend a Nutribullet. Vicky, my yoga teaching friend, swears by this combination: half an avocado, handful of spinach, half a pear, a small lump of ginger, topped up with plain coconut water. Fantastic for detoxing and anti-inflammatory!
Eliminate all snacks from your house, temptation is the devil! Don't eat too much fruit, it's good for you... but it's full of sugar. Remember a mango is really a Mars Bar masquerading as a fruit!
Eat 6 almonds a day, great to aid weight loss as they are rich in protein and fibre which helps you stay satiated longer... but don't eat more than 6 as the calories will outdo the good done.

Try to stick to no white food... so I mean, flour, rice, pasta, processed starch. Eat fresh foods and try to buy daily from local suppliers.

Right... big tip for 2015 you want to lose weight.... simple, EAT LESS - EXERCISE MORE! In my experience this is the only real lasting healthy way to melt the calories away! No fad dieting.

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