Wednesday 2 July 2014

Bieler's Soup

The original healing soup, this is something that you should drink all the time, it cleans and revitalises your body. I drink it hot or cold at all times of the day. I make it every third day and keep it in a glass jug in my fridge, I encourage all of my family members to drink it regularly. 
Here is a rough guide as I never weigh or measure anything, but this combination works for me:


3 stalks of celery
3 firm courgettes
2 handfuls of string beans
1 large handful of curly parsley


Chop everything up, put in a saucepan cover with water and steam for about 7 minutes. Vegetables must be crisp and tender, do not over cook. Blend together in a liquidiser, the resulting soup should be grass green.

This is a drink that I swear by, mainly due to the remarkable recovery my son made after being very poorly in American nearly 20 years ago. If anyone has the time or inclination order, ‘Food is your best Medicine’ by Henri G. Bieler on Amazon. I swear by this doctor.


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