Wednesday 17 June 2015

My Top Summer Reads

I love reading, I can totally lose myself in a book, I'm not a big fan of the kindle but I do appreciate that is very portable. It’s great when you're older as you don’t have to wear glasses, you just make the font bigger… I’ll be on three words a line soon! Also, I can have a sneaky read while RP snores beside me (due to the lit screen). Holiday reading is my idea of heaven; sunshine, sunbed and a good book! So here are a few of my favourite reads now that the holiday season is upon us!

Elephant Moon by John Sweeney
I bought this book as it is based on an incredible true story about the journey through Burma by orphans during WW2 and the bond between them and a herd of elephants. I found it gripping and very readable and I was totally amazed by not only the story and the outcome but the intelligence of the elephants and children. An easy read, perfect for holidays. 

I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
I always love a good thriller… and wow this is a bloody good page turner! A fast moving spy thriller based on the smallpox virus and the devastation that this could cause in the wrong hands. Scary food for thought! 

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
My brilliant friend gave me this book, it’s about close friendship, rivalry and the mutual influence of two young girls growing up in naples. It portrays the girl’s friendship and the community they come from. It’s both realistic and illuminating, just like Fi my brilliant friend who gave it to me! It’s part of a trilogy (I haven’t read the others yet).

The Turning Point by Freya North
I am going to recommend this even though I haven't read it yet, one of our stores is mentioned in it! The publisher very kindly sent me a copy. It is based in North Norfolk and my love of North Norfolk is so strong that I am sure I will love it, I can’t wait to start it! Tissues at the ready! It will be interesting as I don’t normally read love stories…

One last must read is We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. Please read this, believe me it's heart breaking and hilarious!

Monday 1 June 2015

Summer Beauty

I thought I'd share a couple of beauty secrets with you as recently friends and clients have been complimenting me on the condition of my skin, Sally at Beach Beauty in Camden is the key! 

I've never really been one for loads of maintenance but these three things I think are essential if you have the time (and cash flow)- 
1. Manicure
2. Facial
3. Hair

I hate having scruffy chipped nails so a quick 'shape and paint' in between full manicures is a good money saver.  I use Rachel (07841408589) at Home, Rachel is a travelling beauty therapist who is not only fantastic at all treatments but also gives the best massage RP has ever had! 

If you prefer a salon then Beach Beauty (Camden) is the place.  Sally does the most amazing facials, she not only has fabulous state of the art anti ageing machines but she also has 'magic' fingers!  I let her work her magic and use whatever she thinks necessary.  Here I am having an Environ Facial using her newest equipment, it feels a bit weird but it works and the results are great, I recommend 1 a month, £70 well worth it in my view.

I also have just started to put some lights in my hair.  Reaching 50 I decided, with Stacy (at The Salon, Bond Street) my colourist, that it was time to soften the colour around my face... love it!

Blazer - Sea NY (find similar here) | Boiler Suit - Sea NY | Shoes - Sam Edelman | Bag - from a collection at Fenwicks (find similar here)

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