Thursday 9 July 2015


On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of introducing Roman Holiday at the Primrose Hill Film Club. The Primrose Hill Film Club is a great community run project that shows world and classic cinema and offers to showcase short films by local film makers. It was a great honour for me to introduce Roman Holiday as Audrey Hepburn has always been my style icon.

Audrey was born to a Dutch mother and an English father in 1929. She began acting after failing to reach her dream of becoming a ballet dancer.  She was brought to the worlds attention after appearing in Roman Holiday for which she won an Oscar.

After appearing in American vogue and becoming Givenchy's muse the world embraced her and recognised her unique beauty. Audrey believed that her iconic style came from Mr Givenchy and never recognised the beauty that came from with in her. She believed her feet and ears too big and the rest of her too flat!! But she was obviously wrong about that! Hepburn became the worlds most adored style icon, AND she has just been voted Britain's most stylish icon of all time....22 years after her death!
Her iconic image is replicated all over the world by all sorts of women, her uniform cropped Capri pants, flat ballet shoes and LBD's are still best selling items in fashion stores today. But I believe like Mr Givenchy that beauty and style come from within the person. You cannot buy style. Audrey Hepburn had beauty everywhere. Her voice was soft and mesmerising, her eyes were always expressive and dancing and her personality was playful and forever child like. She said of Hubert de Givenchy, ' his are the only clothes in which I am myself. He is far more than a couturier, he is a creator of personality!' How true this is, I always say to my clients, if you feel comfortable and confident you will look and feel beautiful, however beautiful clothes WILL NOT make you feel beautiful and confident!!

 Audrey will always be our style icon.

Saloni, £195

Joseph, £205

French Sole, £90
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