Wednesday 18 June 2014

The Beach Party Invite

Picture the scene you're at a party trying to be glamorous, sexy and confident…now imagine trying to do this in a bikini! Sound daunting? Well this was my predicament when invited to a friends Hen Do in Ibiza, I had a month to get beach body ready….


Yoga is already a daily activity for me, it is brilliant for toning and strengthening everything, no one realises how strong you can get from doing yoga. I swear by my local Fierce Grace Studio in Primrose Hill…hardcore yoga!

Fierce Grace yoga class
Spinning is a recent addition to my get skinny quick regime and I can’t recommend these classes highly enough. I first tried out spinning at Soulcycle in LA, disco on a bike, wow! I was beyond excitement a couple of months ago when I discovered Psycle! This is a carefully choreographed full body work out on a bicycle. The founder, Tim Weeks, not only works you to your limit but also introduces you to new music. I LOVE THIS!

Psycle lobby
Psycle class

A good skincare regime becomes more and more important the older you get and the body should not be neglected in this! A beauty tip a friend gave me once was....Body brushing, hurts like hell but worth it for very soft skin. When you reach 50 you definitely need Goe Oil to keep the crepey skin at bay! Suffer it, it’s worth it!

Goe Oil and body brush
A good fake tan will give you the confidence of a week in the sun on the first day of your holiday. A manicure and pedicure are essential for on beach glamour, go for shellac on the toes, it lasts for 3 weeks without chipping. I recommend choosing a pale pink, it will go with anything and enhance your bronzed bod. I get all of my beauty treatments done by Rachel (07841408589), a fab, london based travelling beautician, which is great when you are time poor! She will even pop a tent up in your bedroom to spray tan you!


Melissa Odabash is the goddess of swimwear, I buy one of her pieces every season and they wear so well! My top tip when buying a swimwear is buy it when you come back! That way you have a tan and everything looks fab! I always go for a triangle bikini, I find this is the best shape for me as it balances my sporty shoulders and my small tits. For the curvier lady Melissa Odabash one pieces are great, my fave is the Ischia swimsuit featuring heavy ruching to hide any wobbly bits and a triangle in the middle to slim and elongate the torso.

Melissa Odabash, Miami triangle bikini - top £90, bottoms £90
Melissa Odabash, Ischia halterneck swimsuit, £186
The icing on the cake in your beach body arsenal is the cover-upPlaysuits are always fun in the sun, this one by Velvet is in my overnight bag for Ibiza! For something with a bit more coverage try One Season's cotton beach toga.  It has a Grecian feel and a flattering empire line tie. 
Velvet, Bielle tie-dye playsuit, £175

One Season, Beach toga, £135


Remember, carry yourself with confidence! If you feel confident you will look it too, and nothing is more sexy than confidence!

Wednesday 4 June 2014

The Nightmare Spring/Summer Event

Even though summer invites always allow for  plenty of time to shop I can’t believe how tricky it is to find the perfect outfit for more formal occasions - even for me with my own shops!!  So much protocol and so many dilemmas - shoes, sleeves, jackets, weather … anyway … here are a few suggestions that I hope will make it easier for you!

Personally I think you can wear trousers - I’ll be wearing these cream tuxedo trousers and a white shirt to a friend’s wedding later this month ... it’s a day to evening event so this pale coat by Malene Birger ticks all the boxes. In the evening I will swap the coat for this luscious printed skull wrap and statement jewellery. Heels by Lucy Choi are essential!
Coat: Malene Birger, Fiurica coat, £379Shirt: Malene Birger, Popsi shirt, £165. Trousers: Malene Birger, Tuxedo trouser  (Available in ANNA stores). Shoes: Lucy Choi, Aster Glitter, £195Bracelet: 5 Octobre, Betim Bangle, £95Necklace: 5 Octobre, Sam necklace, £255.
Scarf: 360 Sweater, Skull cashmere scarf, (Available in ANNA stores). Bracelet: 5 Octobre, Betim Bangle, £95Necklace: 5 Octobre, Sam necklace, £255
I think sleeveless is ok too, depending on how comfortable you are with your own arms and remember outfits always look better when you feel confident in them. This Saloni dress is a fave of mine - I particularly like print in the summer - I feel pretty and feminine - not something I‘m used to!  If sleeveless is a step too far add a light summer jacket - this one by Zara is great for layering over sleeveless in dresses in the summer. If pretty prints are too much for you then go for an understated animal print - I think this one by DVF is perfect for any do.
Saloni, Aspara knee length dress, £289

Zara, Jacket with buckle collar, £79

Diane Von Fustenberg, Prita shirt dress, £311

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