Wednesday 25 March 2015

How to Wear White Jeans...

I'm never quite sure whether I like white jeans but I seem to buy a new pair as soon as the weather perks up after our dreary winter!  So here I am in my new favourites, The Fling by Current Elliot.  I've got them in blue denim too, they are like the good old real Jean, no Lycra!  I love the distressing and I think it works really well in white as they are a summer item so showing a bit of flesh seems so much more acceptable, even my old knees don't bulge out of these shredded holes, (shedding is much better than slashing!).  Team them with relaxed sweats and super cool trainers, or wear them with a sexy cami and wedges, I think I can just about carry it off!

Monday 16 March 2015

Buying in Paris

Ready for Paris
Recently I was in Paris at a few buying appointments. Paris is always hard work as we have to race around from one appointment to another but it never feels totally work like... walking around the Marias always entices me into a few gorgeous shops to have a nosey... I call it research, others might say shopping!! 

I had a full day on Thursday starting at Rag & Bone, a fabulous collection and an equally great company to deal with! I found everything tee shirts, jeans, knits and terrific oversized coats for AW15.

The Rag & Bone showroom

The Rag & Bone showroom

The Sibel Sarel collection

Next stop an Italian showroom showing masses of collections from Europe and the States, I buy Golden Goose and Sea NY from them but I also picked up two new collections, Nili Lotan from NY and Sibel Sarel, a Turkish born designer living in the states. Check these two out!

This is one of my favourite concept stores, Merci, always worth a visit. And of course, I never go to Paris without checking out the fabulous, Colette, an amazing store it feels more gallery than shop, loads to see!






Fashion is Nuts exhibition

The Hotel we stayed in - Les Plumes

Monday 2 March 2015

Quick and Easy Supper for Friends

I really love entertaining but these days life is SO hectic for us all I think we forget to sit down with friends and enjoy a great evening, nothing better to recharge the batteries. Unfortunately we always think that time is against us and supper is just too much hassle, well it's not.  

I arranged for friends to come round the other evening and I cooked this very easy yet impressive meal, also happens to be RP's favourite, lobster spaghetti, salad and pear and almond tart with custard.


I'm lucky because I get really fab lobster from Norfolk, but obviously I know we all can't do that so equally good is using frozen tiger tails from the supermarket. 

To make the tomato sauce I use cherry tomatoes, pressed garlic cloves, chopped onions lightly fried, a red chilli. I pop all this in an oven prove dish with a lid and cook in the oven for about an hour. 

When it's cooked throw in the prawns or lobster pieces and cook through quickly, add either chopped coriander leaves or parsley, that depends on personal flavour choice.

Cook the spaghetti until just soft, drain and mix in with the sauce coating all the spaghetti lightly. Serve directly from the pan with wilted spinach mixed through at the last minute, (the heat from the sauce and spaghetti will cook the spinach.)

Serve this with fresh Parmesan and a tossed salad, I just open a couple of bags of the lettuce, rocket and spinach mix, easy!


For the tart, buy sweet short crust pastry ready rolled, line a pastry tin and cook blind for 10 mins taking the baking beans out for the last 3 mins to crisp the bottom.

Make the frangipani, in a blender put 150g butter, 150g caster sugar, 2 eggs, 125g ground almonds and 25g plain flour. Blend together and scoop into the cooled pastry case.  

Slice tinned pears and arrange in a fan on top of the frangipani, cook in the oven for 40 mins, 160/ gas 4.  

The tart will feed 6 people. I serve it with ambrosia custard as RP wouldn't have it any other way!!  Be proud, put the carton on the table!! Enjoy, it really is simple and perfect. 

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