Friday 9 January 2015

Top Tips for Starting the Year

We all start the New Year with good intentions but it's often hard to stick to them, I hate depriving myself of anything because it always makes me crave it more and therefore I cave in. So I suggest everything in moderation. To lose weight cut down the intake of food or cut out a meal, but be sensible. Here are are some things I do:

Every morning I start with a generous swig out of the bottle... sharp intake of breath... I think you're meant to mix a teaspoon with water but I'm hardcore! This drink is a general all-round good-guy! It lifts sluggishness better than an espresso before the gym (and obviously healthier), it promotes weight loss and digestion. I mean, don't expect to lose a stone by just a swig a day but it does help eliminate unwanted toxins in your body.

I incorporate this easy mobile app into my daily routine (if I'm not mad enough to attend a mental session at Barry's Bootcamp). I find it really works after a run or if you prefer a vigorous power walk. Running and this app costs nothing, so no excuses give it a go. I promise short bursts of hard exercise really does work, you just need the motivation, once you're in the routine it's easy(ish)!

I do Bielers green soup (see recipe here) also I thoroughly recommend a Nutribullet. Vicky, my yoga teaching friend, swears by this combination: half an avocado, handful of spinach, half a pear, a small lump of ginger, topped up with plain coconut water. Fantastic for detoxing and anti-inflammatory!
Eliminate all snacks from your house, temptation is the devil! Don't eat too much fruit, it's good for you... but it's full of sugar. Remember a mango is really a Mars Bar masquerading as a fruit!
Eat 6 almonds a day, great to aid weight loss as they are rich in protein and fibre which helps you stay satiated longer... but don't eat more than 6 as the calories will outdo the good done.

Try to stick to no white food... so I mean, flour, rice, pasta, processed starch. Eat fresh foods and try to buy daily from local suppliers.

Right... big tip for 2015 you want to lose weight.... simple, EAT LESS - EXERCISE MORE! In my experience this is the only real lasting healthy way to melt the calories away! No fad dieting.

Monday 5 January 2015

Christmas trees

I thought I'd just share a Christmas ritual with you...
Don't you think its funny that at the beginning of December we see so many people strutting down the streets that they live on carrying THE best Christmas tree, taking photos of 'Daddy' hoisting it carefully through the front door and 'Mummy' positioning it in the window adorning it with the most wonderful decorations, for ALL the neighbours to see (and envy!)....
Then come January, whats everyone doing, desperately trying to rid themselves of this thread bare manky tree stalk! Now, not so keen to be seen, quickly leaving it by the bins for those 'oh so lovely in December bin men', to take away. Or if you live in a 'trendy media' suburb everyone walks the tree to the park for a group ritual dumping!
Well, in Camden, we just lob them out of the windows into the street and hope for the best.... I'm sure this is all worth it but I do struggle with the disposal of said tree!
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