Wednesday 5 November 2014

The Nutritious Nutribullet

Some of the delicious ingredients that I use in my drinks
I've Just discovered the bullet... steady on, by this I mean a nutritious blender, the new craze for all those health fanatics out there, and this really is a craze that I totally endorse.

The Nutribullet is an amazing blender, unlike it's 'blender brothers', it has a super powerful motor that not only blends vegetable and fruit flesh, it also does skin (apart from banana), pips, nuts, seeds and stalks, which means that all the nutrients found in the bits that we usually discard are now whizzed-up into a seriously yummy drink.
My morning drink
My morning fix consists of either kale or spinach, apple, ginger, and anything else lying around. I blend it with avocado (to thicken) and water, I use unflavoured coconut water for extra hydration, but you don't have to.

My husband prefers a fruit fix in the morning, so his consists of blueberries (the mother of all fruits), strawberries, a whole kiwi, half a lemon and ginger. I blend it with half a banana and coconut water. Top tip: keep frozen red fruits, so much cheaper and no nutrients are lost in the freezing.
My husband's morning drink
My friend using her blender
I recently bought one for a great friend of mine who sadly has been struck by the horrible curse of cancer. She is now happily blending and filling her beautiful body with all things healthy and nutritious.

So I urge you all to get blending- it's time to look after ourselves now that winter is upon us, especially if you want to party hard throughout the festive season like me!

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