Saturday 12 July 2014

The Bedroom

I am often asked about my home and how it is styled, I find interiors quite challenging as I am constantly trying to change but I always end up sticking to my original ideas!
I changed my bedroom recently, it started with these wonderful reclaimed shutters that I saw on a fabulous website, Retrouvius.  When I took my builder, John Treacy to see them he agreed that he would 'give it a go!' And hey presto... the French chateaux window shutters became my new wardrobe doors!  

I had American shutters on my windows before so obviously they had to go, (otherwise we would have shutter overload) and in came a blind.  I chose this fabric from The Cloth Shop to soften the room and to bring in some colour.  I love florals, so this was perfect.

I'm a very tidy person so I never leave my bed unmade and I'm slightly anal about how it looks, we have 8 pillows!! Drives my husband mad but hey ho, it looks good!  I got the bed throw from The White Company, it was half price in the sale!!

My friend and interior designer, Katie, Adventures in Living, found the wallpaper for me, it looks so real, even close up!

My bathroom is actually no longer a bathroom as we took the bath out and put the chaise long that my mother gave me in its place.  I don't know about you but we no longer languish in the bathtub, no time for soaking anymore, it's all about the shower!

The floor tiles came from Terrazzo Tiles, I saw them originally in The Cowshed Spa in Primrose Hill and thought, yup got to have those!!

My chandelier was a little more challenging, took me ages to find the right one but eventually I found this one at Tann Rokka also in Primrose Hill, my advise, save time, look locally first!

So this has whetted my appetite to do the rest of the house... John, ready?

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