Monday, 4 August 2014

Necklace Layering

People always comment on my necklaces... probably because I wear so many... and I often get asked where I get them from. The necklaces that I wear all the time have built up over the years and all have sentimental meaning to me, they are like my talismans and I don't feel dressed without them!
Most of my necklaces come from my favourite jeweller Annoushka, she makes beautiful fine jewellery that's glamorous but also highly wearable. The bumblebee and the heart were both presents from my husband. The most recent addition to my Annoushka collection was my Love Diamonds Dragonfly pendant, matching earrings and ring, a gift for my 50th Birthday... I haven't take it off since I got it!

My dog tag and ring are by a US based jeweller called Heather Moore, she creates highly personalised fine jewellery. They have the names of those precious to me and commemorative dates engraved, you can choose your own font, size placement, type of metal and even add little diamonds or charms. I would highly recommend Heather Moore if you are looking to create something truly personal and a unique.

Annoushka Love Diamonds Dragonfly Collection
Depending on what I am wearing that day I will mix and match my fine jewellery with fashion forward costume jewellery... I am a magpie for anything sparkly so have an extensive collection.


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