Tuesday 31 May 2016


SHOP MY OUTFIT: Kimono - Velvet (available at ANNA), Top - Rabens Saloner (available at ANNA), Shorts - Current Elliott, Shoes - Ash, Necklace - Icon
I'm not a great lover of shorts... obviously... but sometimes I do feel the need to stop worrying about 'the leg issue' and get them on. These are my old favourites, Current Elliot ripped white shorts, I'm far too old for them but what the hell... But if like me you want to forget the age thing then wear shorts with loose forgiving layering tops, hide the bottom and tops of the thighs with a longer kaftan or kimono.
One more tip; always accessorise... it draws the eye away from the bits that you are not so keen on!
SHOP MY OUTFIT: Kimono - Rabens Saloner (available at ANNA), T-shirt - American Vintage (available at ANNA), Shorts - Current Eliott, Necklace - Icon

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