Tuesday 30 September 2014

Real Denim is Back

How happy am I right now. I love jeans, I don't have fantastic legs so all these skinny 4-way stretch, bounce-back, super-tight jeans haven't been the best look for me. Don't get me wrong, I've worn them, encouraged other people to wear them and endorsed the mere fact that they do suit most people, but, HELLO, they do not make you look a stone lighter than you are! The only thing that can do that is... losing a stone! Do not be fooled! 

I digress, anyway my happiness comes as a result of the old-style jean coming back. Less stretch, or none at all, think Levi's 501. The boyfriend, with or without distressing, and the plain old-fashioned work denim jean. A lot of women might this that they can't do rips and baggy because of the 'age demon', but you can. I love them!
I really like denim with plain shirts or t-shirts teamed with a classic or boyfriend blazer for casual day wear. Skater shoes or high-tops finish the look. To sex-it-up, put on a pair of statement Lucy Choi's, cute little cami and a kimono, and away you go! Also, a top styling tip; the bigger the bag, the smaller you look!

I recommend Pop Vintage by Acne, Phoebe Boyfriend by MIH and for high-street you can't go wrong with Gap for denim, the 1969 Real Straight range is good.

ACNE, Pop Vintage, £179

MIH, Phoebe Boyfriend, £195

GAP, 1969 Real Straight, £44.95


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