Wednesday 24 September 2014


I am constantly being told by clients 'I can't wear that, I'm too old'... or too fat! These are the two phrases that seem to dominate the lives of women today. Why? It not only frustrates me enormously but also saddens me that we feel this way. Perhaps I'm lucky as I have sons rather than daughters, some mother/daughter relationships are challenged when the teenager feels her mum is in the same clothes, why not?

I don't feel old at 50, I feel excited, I'm ready for new adventures! I've brought up my kids, one is at uni and the other is finishing 6th form - it's my time now!

I wear what I want, I feel great, I'm happy to say I'm 50 and I'm enjoying the freedom this brings me. Please don't feel that we have to pack away 'Mrs Fun' and bring in the tweed and twin set.

Here are my top tips for looking good and feeling good at 50:
  • Detox - I do hot yoga everyday when I'm in London, in the country I run. This totally detoxes my body and makes me feel better.
  • Hair - Keep the grey at bay and hair looking good. I use Neil for cut and Stacey for colour at The Salon in Bond Street. They operate a 24 hour service, great if you want a blow dry before a party! In between hair appointments, when I spot those niggling greys, I use a root touch-up by Nice and Easy.
  • Skin - I get Vitamin C Facials with skin certicals, from the Cowshed in Primrose Hill, a real treat, but well worth it! In between use their products.
  • Youth Pills - Contain a trio of amino acids and marine extracts to boost skin repair and delay signs of ageing. I found these pills so beneficial I decided to stock them!
  • Confidence - You looked good at 49, you'll look great at 50+!
Neil Cornelius, The Salon
The Cowshed, Primrose Hill

Youth Pills

My ultimate tip is to experiment with something new: new clothes, new adventures, new look, new man...oops...sorry, only if you need one of course!

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