Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Super fast food by Jason Vale

What can I say ....... My favourite and the only 'Juice Master' has written a COOKBOOK!! 
Jason is not only one of the funniest guys I've ever met, he's a walking (jumping) juice bean and now also a brilliant healthy chef.  Just when we were all thinking of going back to Nigella and full fat, good old Jas comes up with an absolute gem!
I've tried a few of the recipes and they were all super tasty. I urge you all to have a go.....oh but word of warning, Jas has been a bit tight on the prep time...this mint 'n' rocket hummous, 2 mins prep time!! Do me a favour, took me 2 mins to open the butter beans tin!!

Mint 'n' rocket hummous. Great anytime with anyone!  My family get through boxes of these Kale crackers now they have a healthy dip to go with.
Whizz it up in the Nutri Bullet, I added a little bit of water to loosen it, go steady though.
Prawn Thai green curry.....really really quick, easy, healthy supper.  Serve with brown rice
Pecan Power Granola Balls... OK so these are meant to be bars but I decided they worked better for me as balls. Quite frankly just eat these whenever you feel like a energy boost or just as a sweet treat.
Also, I did all this in my temporary kitchen, and it was quick and easy!


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