Wednesday 27 January 2016

On Safari

Friends with benefits... I feel very lucky indeed... not only do I have fabulous friends, I have fabulous friends with an amazing lodge in South Africa!  Bingo, 5star safari with the best guides...
After a week in Cape Town watching the test match, myself, RP and the boys flew to Durban and then on to Kwazulu-natal and onto The Phinda Game Reserve.
This was no ordinary safari, we saw The Big Five within hours of arriving and then every drive delivered something sensational, ranging from the roar of the king of the jungle to tree climbing lions (lions generally don't climb!). We were treated to remarkable hospitality, breakfast in the bush, bush trekking and champagne fuelled night drives.

So much luxury!  I urge you to visit this South Africa for a truly magnificent lifetime experience... also pound against the rand keeps it affordable!
Check out. And beyond.
Our vehicles
The wonderful elephant, probably the most dangerous and unpredictable animal
Giraffes a plenty
My favourite, the king

The young inquisitive leopard
Mother and baby Rhino
Climbing lions
Breakfast in the bush, followed by a relax by the pool.......bliss

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